Dhanima Ostiera Edit

Dhanima Ostiera is the biggest continent on the world. Its name means Spine of the World, named so for the massive mountain range that cuts the continent in two, name The Spine. At the center of The Spine is the world tallest mountain: The Soul of the Spine. The Soul of the Spine was home to a council of chromatic Dragons who have been driven from their home by the Garuda, who now nests at the peak of the mountain.

The Sundering Edit

In the last age there was an event called The Sundering, which wrought havok on the landscape. Ancient scrolls and texts tell of the times before The Sundering, but most actual knowledge is lost in time. The effect of The Sundering cut off the populations East and West of The Spine from each other.

East of The Spine Edit

Eight Countries make up the Eastern and Southern sections of Dhanima Ostiera, From North-to-South and West-to-East they are as follows:

The Dhaxan Frostlands Edit

A snowy expanse ruled by a Great Chief and known for its white Icewine.

The Camudda Desert Edit

A desolate wasteland.

The Kingdom of Mhay Edit

Vast Swampland ruled by King Laroux Couronne and his Eight Royal Houses. Known for it's fine silks.

Haven Edit

A collection of towns and cities whose Government is made up of Elected Officials. The Three of Wildehaven oversee most of Haven, but also recognise the sovereignty of the Prince Elect of Twobridge, who manages the city of Twobridge and surrounding area. Haven is known for the diverse population of it's cities.

Thay Edit

Thay is a large expanse of desert. The main settlement is a City bordering the Thay Desert and The Spine. This city is known as The Jewel of the Desert. It was run by a council of Red Wizards ntil they were overthrown five years ago by a powerful Lich.

Merriton Edit

Merriton is home to many Halfling and Gnomish settlements. The land is managed by an Elder Council, each Elder is appointed from his or her village or settlement and sent to a secret meeting place to discuss any actions or law reforms for the entire region. Within each settlement the Elders word is law. Merriton's main export is Wine, Merriton Reds are known throughout the East.

Kaledukandra Edit

Little is known about the people of Kaledukandra. Stories tell of great feathered beast that stalk any who venture into the country. The few traders who brave the surrounding cliffs and return do so with intricate glass-works that fetch a high price in the other regions.

Evereska (Markig) Edit

The city of Evereska is nestled within an imposing jungle landscape. An ancient order of The Swords of Evereska has been disbanded since the city was stormed and occupied by raiding Orcs from the south. The city now lies abandoned, its ruins ruled by despot Orcish Tribes who call the place Markig

Mrak Sjenaluka Edit

Separated from the rest of the continent by a threat that lies on the road to Evereska, the nation consists of a single city named after the region: Mrak Sjenaluka. This city is reachable only by boat and has the largest population of Tieflings this East of the Spine.

West of The Spine Edit

Tales tell of powerful beings over The Spine from before The Sundering. None of these tales have been verified as The Spine is too treacherous to cross for most, and those that do not return are not heard from again. Many Captains have sailed North along the Western coast, but have found nothing but large cliffs all the way around to the Dhaxan ports.

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