The City of Wildehaven



Wildehaven was founded by three strangers.

Artin Borne - Human Male

Elix Buck - Halfling Female

Tatanye Silverleaf - Elven Female

These three originally fought over this land as each wanted to build here, until they struck a tentative bargain. They would work together. Still they fought over everything - Design, placements, law...even what type of trees would be planted around the Tower. It took time for The Three to develop a healthy working relationship, but once they had it was much easier for their successors to carry on in much the same fashion until certain unspoken agreements became the official custom.

Eventually Wildehaven was finished and labourers and their families were not the only people living there. Now the surrounding towns and villages had a central location for trade as each founder brought their own territory to Wildehaven. Thee smaller territories became stronger together. Not only safety, but also prosperity in numbers. The political hub of the region.

Rule & Terms:

Wildehaven is an Oligarchy ruled by The Three. All ruling together. They specialize in certain territories as their founders did, but they share the workload as evenly and smoothly as possible.

There are always three rulers in Wildehaven. It is always a human, halfling and elf.

Each seat runs for a decade for the Halfling and Human representatives. Fifty years for the Elven representative due to their longevity. Even so - an elven ruler will often be voted back in to rule for several consecutive terms.

A new member of The Three is always voted in by the people. The people must choose wisely however as once voted in they cannot be un-seated involuntarily. It is not unheard of for an undesirable leader to succumb to any number of fatal accidents if they are unacceptable yet refuse to step down.


Inns: Edit

There are three inns in Wildehaven.

The Scoundrel & Cauldron in the poor district

The Drunken Fox in the middle class section

The Flying Toad in the wealthy district.

Churches: Edit

The poor district houses the church of Elemental Power.

Name Alignment Domain Symbol
Akadi Neutral Goddess Movement, Speed, Air Element White cloud on purple
Grumbar Neutral God Solidity, Changelesness, Oaths, Earth Element Mountains on purple
Itishia Neutral God Purification, Wetness, Water Element A cresting wave
Kossuth Neutral God Purification Through Fire, Fire Element A twining red flame

The middle class district houses the church of Civilisation.

Name Alignment Domain Symbol
Chauntea Neutral-Good Goddess Agriculture, Farmers, Gardeners, Summer A blooming rose on a wreath of gold grain.
Tempus Chaotic Neutral God War, Honourable Battle, Forbidding Cowardice, Encouraging the use of force to settle disputes. A flaming silver sword on a blood red shield.
Torm Lawful Good God Law & Duty, Loyalty, Righteousness Right hand gauntlet held upright with palm forward.
Oghma Neutral God Knowledge, Invention, Inspiration, Bards A blank scroll.

The rich district houses the church of Frivolity.

Name Alignment Domain Symbol
Lathander Neutral Good God Spring, Dawn, Birth, Youth, Vitality, Athletics Sunrise made of pink, red & yellow gems
Mystra Neutral Good Goddess Magic, Spells, The Weave A light blue star over a light blue circle outline
Selune Neutral Good Goddess Moon, Stars, Navigation, Prophecy, Questers, Good/Neutral Lycanthropes. A pair of female eyes surrounded by 7 silver stars
Sune Chaotic Good Goddess Beauty, Love, Passion The face of a beautiful woman surrounded by a nimbus of red hair.

(None of these deities are our own work. They have been taken from the 5e PHB by Wizards of the Coast.)

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